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Purchase a new home

Home loans: Buying your first home

The idea of owning your home is exciting! Discover what you need to consider on the way there and what financial considerations you need to observe.

Financing your home

You are at the very beginning of your home purchase journey? We have compiled the most useful guides to get you started in understanding the financing of your future home.


To finance your home, you’ll need a deposit. It varies between 5% and 35% of the value of your property, depending on the loan taken and your financial circumstances. Find out if you have enough savings or how you could grow your deposit.


To cover the remaining cost of your home, you'll have to apply for a home loan secured against your property (mortgage). You will pay back this loan over several years based on your chosen interest rates model.

Working out your budget

How much can you borrow?

Work out an estimate of how much you could borrow.

How much will your repayments be?

Calculate how much your repayments might be.

Other costs to consider?

Be it valuation fees, appraiser costs or expenses for legal reasons - find out more about other potential costs.

Finding the right home loan for you

You want to find out more about our products and rates? The following home loans are especially recommended for your first home purchase.


Your dream of buying a home is compatible with your estimated budget and expenses? Then it’s time for you to get your financial pre-approval. Check our eligibility criteria and prepare the documents required to apply.

Time to apply

Your dream of buying a home is compatible with your estimated budget and expenses? Then it’s time to get your financial pre-approval. Find out how to apply. 

Reaching the requirements is difficult?

You have a project but not the financial means yet? With ourservices and products, you will get to know strategies on how to reinforce your financial resources. We are also happy to provide you with advice.

Nenamjenski krediti

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How to find properties
Finding a home that’s right for you
What to consider when choosing a location

The final steps

You are on the home stretch. There are 2 final steps before officially becoming a homeowner.

Secure your project

Once your application has been accepted by Raiffeisen and you got your financial pre-approval, you can move forward with your project by getting your offer accepted, signing the sale or committing with contractors.

Sign your contract with us

Finalize the structure of your loan with your Raiffeisen advisor by choosing your interest rate options, sign your contract and you are ready to move forward!

What to consider after your home purchase

What to consider after your home purchase

Congratulations! Your offer has been accepted and you have signed your contract with us. What happens next?

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequent questions.

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